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Kingsway plaza redevelopment

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Kingsway Plaza Redevelopment

The Kingsway Plaza in Lang Street Kurri Kurri is proposed to be redeveloped. This page outlines the project and explains how to provide feedback on the proposed development.

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About the project 

The Kingsway Plaza Redevelopment proposal is to create a new shopping centre with three specialty shops and a Woolworths supermarket. The centre will include undercover car parking for approximately 154 vehicles, over two levels.

The existing laneway will be extended and relocated laneway connecting Barton Street and Victoria Street. The laneway will also connect to Lang Street via a pedestrian plaza. The proposed develop will also include a lift to Barton Street, travelators, signage, public art and landscaping around the site.

Image: Artist impression of the Kingsway Plaza showing realigned laneway.

Image: Artist impression of the Kingsway Plaza showing realigned laneway.

Artists impressions 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is the Kingsway Plaza being redeveloped?

Unfortunately, the current building is outdated, with inadequate amenities and does not meet the needs of tenants or the surrounding community. When IGA vacated the site in 2021, there was an opportunity to revitalise the site, improve the amenity of the area and stimulate the economy. It is also an opportunity to design a building that meets current environmental sustainability measures in both the building and the operations of the tenancies.

Will there be any local job opportunities?

The proposed development is likely to create approximately 16 full-time jobs through construction. Additionally, there will be approximately 150 retail jobs created once operational.

What are the hours of operation?

The proposed hours of trade include:

Woolworths supermarket

Monday to Sunday

6am to 12am (midnight)

Specialty shops (general)

Mondays to Sunday

9am to 6pm

Loading dock

Monday to Sunday

5am to 12am.

What impacts will there be?

During construction there will be temporary disruptions to traffic and pedestrian access. There will be some noise and vibration associated with the work and mitigation measures will be used to reduce impacts. Updates will be provided to the community through construction phase.

How long will construction take?

If approved, construction would take approximately 16 months to complete. During this time, the project will provide up to 16 full-time equivalent construction jobs. The focus will be to provide opportunities for local businesses, builders and suppliers and use a regional workforce.

What approval is required for the proposed redevelopment to go ahead?

The Kingsway Plaza redevelopment project will be assessed by Cessnock City Council. A development application has been prepared to meet the planning requirements and relevant guidelines which will be assessed on its merits. The consultation will outline the feedback gathered from the community and submitted to Council for assessment.

Will there be any benefits for the community from the proposal?

The additional 150 retail jobs are estimated to be an additional $6.8 million in salaries and wages for the local economy as a direct result of the proposal . Additionally, the new buildings will improve the amenity of the area, and the pedestrian access, connecting Lang Street with the development. The development includes three retail spaces for businesses in addition to the supermarket.


To download project factsheets, click on the buttons below.

How to get involved 

Take the survey

The community is invited to attend the Drop-in session.


When: Thursday 13 July 2023

Time: 3:00pm till 6:00pm

Where: Kingsway Plaza

We are currently seeking community feedback on the proposed development. To get involved:


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About the consultation

Feedback gathered through the consultation will be included in a report as part of the Development Application (DA) for the proposed project and submitted to Cessnock City Council for assessment.


Mara Consulting is conducting the consultation on behalf of the developer.  Kelly Lofberg is leading the project. She has more than 20 years' experience in communication and engagement. 

To get in contact with the project team, email

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