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Consultation & Engagement

Mara Consulting is an award-winning provider for comprehensive strategies to help you reach your project goals. In collaboration with your team, we combine integrative tactics that align with your corporate or project objectives.


Our expertise extends beyond the obvious stakeholders; we work to build trusted relationships and cultivate meaningful, two-way conversations that are designed to help you achieve positive outcomes.

What we do

Working in collaboration with your project team, we develop integrated strategies that align with your corporate or project objectives. We help you connect with stakeholders and not just the obvious ones. Our strength is getting to know you and your stakeholders to build trusted relationships and develop two-way conversations that get results.

By identifying challenges and opportunities early, we help reduce the risk to your project in the planning, design and approvals stage, through to construction and commissioning.

Our team use the right mix of engagement tools and techniques to tailor the approach to your organisation’s values and the needs of the community.

Mara services

  • Stakeholder engagement strategies

  • Community consultation plans

  • Community meetings, public forums and events

  • Workshops

  • Management of advisory groups, working groups and reference

  • Online and digital engagement tools

  • Surveys and questionnaires

  • Stakeholder identification and mapping

  • Community and landowner liaison

  • Relationship management

  • Place making and activation events.


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