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Bellbird Childcare Centre

A new 150-place childcare, preschool and long daycare centre is planned for 35 Kearsley Street, Bellbird.


You're invited to provide feedback on the proposal.

Image: Bright Steps Academy Beresfield

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About the project 

The Bellbird Childcare Centre is being developed by Bright Steps Academy. A family-owned business, established in 2022, Bright Steps Academy owns and operates 5 early childhood centres in NSW and Victoria.


Bright Steps Academy is seeking to create more regionally based early learning centres.

The latest of these is the Bellbird childcare centre.


If approved, it will offer high quality early education and care for children aged 0 – 6 years. The centre will be open between 6:30am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.


The proposed single-storey centre includes:


  • 7 playrooms – 2 for 0-2 years, 3 for 2-3 years and 2 for 3-6 years groups

  • catering for up to 150 children

  • outdoor play space of over 1,000m2

  • 37 car parking spaces

  • kitchen and amenities

  • office and reception spaces.

Development proposal

Currently a development application (DA) is being prepared and will be assessed by Cessnock City Council.


The DA includes understanding what the temporary construction and operational impacts might be to the surrounding community. Investigations will include things like:

  • traffic conditions

  • noise

  • social impacts and benefits

  • construction impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the proposal?

The proposal includes a new 150-place childcare, preschool and long daycare centre, catering for local families.

Will there be any local job opportunities?

There will be approximately 30 FTE jobs created in full time, part time and casual roles once operational as well as those created during construction.

What is the timeframe for the centre to be operational?

The DA is expected to be lodged with Cessnock City Council by mid 2024 with a determination by late 2024. If approved, construction would start in 2025 with the aim to open the centre by early 2026.

What are the opening hours?

The proposed hours are Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 7pm.

What impacts will there be?

During construction there will be temporary disruptions to traffic and pedestrian access. There will be some noise and vibration associated with the work and mitigation measures will be used to reduce impacts. Updates will be provided to the community through construction phase.

What approval is required for the proposed redevelopment to go ahead?

The Bellbird Childcare proposal will be assessed by Cessnock City Council. A development application will be prepared to meet the planning requirements and relevant guidelines which will be assessed on its merits.


The consultation will outline the feedback gathered from the community and submitted to Council for assessment.


To download project factsheets, click on the buttons below.

How to get involved 

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We are currently seeking community feedback on the proposed development. To get involved:


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About the consultation

Feedback gathered through the consultation will be included in a report as part of the Development Application (DA) for the proposed project and submitted to Cessnock City Council for assessment.


Mara Consulting is conducting the consultation on behalf of the developer.  

To get in contact with the project team, email

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