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Mara Consulting

Great urban & landscape design is underpinned by effective consultation & clear communication, that’s why at Mara Consulting we’ve combined forces to provide a specialist service to our clients.  

That's our point of difference. 

At Mara, we strive to challenge the norm & be different.  It’s not just about innovation, it’s about being unconstrained in our thinking.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture

Mara offers specialist services in landscape architecture, urban planning and environmental planning for residential, commercial, infrastructure and resource projects.

Whether creating communities, designing residential & business developments or environmental planning, our team can help.


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Mara’s team has been involved in high profile media and community engagement campaigns at a local, state and national level. Effective consultation always starts with a chat, setting clear expectations & explaining how people can get involved.

Working closely with our clients, Mara can help build respectful relationships with stakeholders to get the most out of community engagement & communication activities.

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